My New Project "The Middleman (Intro Version)"

Finally, I finished making a simple game. Although it is still prototype because the game that I want to make is a platform action-adventure genre game, not another simple taking a coins platformer game. However, that's all that I have cause of I'm still practicing of making of games and this is my first time I created and finished my game project, and it took 7 months to finish this one and I hope you can enjoy my first prototype game. And of course it's free so you can download for free, and also you can check it on Google Play, consider it is a complete game tester.

This game only serve simple platform game and it is not a whole complete game. Some of the asset like enemy, layout, HUD, health bar may are a temporary and some of the features like inventory may not available. That's why I called my first project is "Intro Version" a prologue, because this is my first time I'm making a game and this is not supposed to be when I'm planning, a platform action adventure. If you interested in my work especially for asset game, you can always visit to my channel "PrayingMantis" and If you mind, you can donate me amount of dollar and I don't force you to donate me through but you're welcome if you want to donate me.

--- Game Features ---

- Collect a bronze, silver, and gold coins to earn a high score

- 5 Layout stage level

- Various background and enemy


The Middleman (Intro Version) Free 0.0.2 alpha.apk 37 MB
Nov 26, 2017

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